• Clear Roof Panels

    For a completely unobstructed and extraordinary view, from inside and out, choose clear panels! Or mix clear and opaque panels for a varied experience. Give us a call and talk to one of our tent experts to discuss your options.
  • Jumbo Track Tent

    The Jumbo Track Frame Tent is an engineered frame tent system that provides exceptional performance in both short-term and seasonal applications. Choose from Hip and Gable end configurations. Clear panel option available. Tent units can be longer than those listed. Pricing available upon request.
  • Tidewater Sail Cloth Tents

    Sculpted Sail Cloth peaks of these Tidewater tents enhance daytime events with warm natural light, and glow when daytime turns to evening. Sail Cloth is 100% waterproof and built strong for whatever Mother Nature has in store for your special day.
  • Tidewater Tents WALLS

    Enhance privacy and ambiance of Tidewater Sail Cloth tents with solid or clear wall panels. Each panel is 10 ft wide by 8 ft tall.
  • Marquee Style Tents

    The cool weather is here now and you will need extra space to shelter your customers as they pick up orders, or wait to enter your business. With high peaks, sweeping curves and open floor space, our Marquee tents are the perfect choice, sturdy enough to stand up to the elements.  Marquee tents are available to lease, rent, and purchase. Contact us if you have questions! Call 778 433 1282 and ask for Dave!
  • Tent Liners

    ... add a finishing touch of elegance to your event setting
  • Tent Walls and Acessories

    Mix and match clear and solid wall and finish with leg draping for a more polished look. Give us a call and talk to one of our tent experts to discuss your options.


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