Hand Washing Station


This portable sink is easy to maneuver and operate. With soap and towel dispensers, this handy unit is ideal for tight spaces and hard-to-access areas.

– Hands-free foot pump operation
– Soap and paper towel dispensers
– 16 gallon capacity for 1,024 single dispenses




Our standard policy is 25% initial reservation deposit (refundable up until the 31st of December prior to the wedding/event year) to secure rental items. On or after January 1, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required. The balance is due one week prior to delivery.

This acts as security for us to reserve the equipment and schedule crew labour and trucks for what we are going to supply in a professional and orderly manner. In many cases, the project we are supplying involves significant commitment in terms of inventory, planning and man-hours of preparation to ensure the success of your event. Should you cancel, your deposit compensates us for that time and service as well as for lost business opportunity.


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