Outdoor Wedding Plans

Planning an outdoor wedding can be a wonderful experience. It can also be very involved so browse through this website including the wedding photo gallery and price list sections for inspiration, ideas and some practical considerations. Plus, there may be a wedding shown in our photo gallery similar to what you’re envisioning for your own wedding. After checking out some of the photos, rental packages and layouts, the most basic starting point is determining the size of tent you’ll need. For reference, see our seating capacity guide.

The most common things to keep in mind are:

  1. Is the tent being used for dinner or ceremony, or both?
  2. How many guests are you expecting at the most. We commonly recommend 12 – 15 sq. ft. per person for weddings.
  3. Are you having your head table on a platform and if so how many people for the head table?
  4. Are you planning on having dance area and  DJ? or band and stage?, a bar area and how much room do you need for that?
  5. Are you having the people serve themselves via a buffet line or is it being served by a caterer?
  6. Allow room for all these things and add them up so you have a total square footage that you need. Then refer to the square feet capacity for tents in our sizing chart and that is your starting point. Link to tents.

Typical Scenarios

Event Description and Expected Attendance Suggested Tent(s) Styles and Sizes
Stand up BBQ party in the backyard for 40 people 20×20
Dinner for 80 people using 8′ banquet tables and you don’t mind a bit of a tight fit 20×40
Wedding ceremony of about 90 to 100 people, seated in rows of chairs only 30×30 or 34 hex
Sit down wedding for 150 guests using 5′ round tables. 16′x16′ dance floor and room for buffet tables. You would also have room for a small DJ platform as well or head table riser. 40×60 which is better so it’s not too crowded.
Wedding ceremony for 200 to 300 guests, chairs in rows and small 10′x20′ joined on for quartet music ensemble. Bride would walk down the centre aisle with no obstructions or unsightly poles and there would be room enough at front for the wedding party. (2) 34 hex tents, (1) 10×20. Additional 20′x20′ can be joined to the hex tents if needed

If you follow the advice on this page, you will be well prepared for the next step which is to drop into our showroom so we can show you all the linens, dishes, and many other pictures of tent weddings that will really help you decide exactly what you want. Make sure you bring a printed copy of the price guide with you to make notes on. From there, it will all start to take shape and we can discuss the specifics of your big day, using a checklist of exactly what you want and follow up with a personal quote of your needs via email. Here are some points to get you started.

Experience, professional equipment and knowledgeable staff is important.

We have been in the rental industry on Vancouver Island since 1990. Since then, our entire event business has grown to be one of the largest on the island for special events, weddings and corporate functions of all kinds. We have the experience to know what we are talking about when it comes to doing small tent installations or large scale events where we are setting up thirty tents in one day (yes we do that a few times each year). If your question is not answered on this page, please call so that we can add the answer to this FAQ. Most importantly, if you follow the above guidelines for any “tent event” that you are planning you will know the reason why and how we do certain things so that your event is safe and professionally installed by our knowledgeable staff.