Delivery & Installation

Black & White delivers throughout Vancouver Island. For all other location please call for more information. Click here to view our fees for Vancouver Island locations.


For most events, there is no cut and dry time for installation & strike because of many different factors. However, we always strive to be flexible and accommodate the needs of our customers balanced with what is possible for our tent crews to do in a day.

For a party taking place on Saturday, we usually install the day before. Sometimes even earlier depending on the situation, weather factors and how many projects might be scheduled for that week and where they are located. Pickup is most often scheduled for Sunday or Monday but we ask for the event start and end time to determine exactly when the best time for pickup would be. For a Friday night dinner party that starts at 6pm, we might deliver everything on Thursday or Friday morning and pickup on Saturday.

For commercial projects we usually try to install everything one day or several days prior to your event and then strike it the day after. The actual timing can vary widely and will depend on what other services you have to coordinate inside such as stages, flooring, electrical, decorating, table settings, audio visual etc. All these activities take time so please plan accordingly.

Most events are fairly straightforward but sometimes our clients have challenging time-lines that must be adhered to for one reason or another. When this is the case, please contact our office to discuss.

Meeting the Crew On-site
We will try to accommodate your request within reason for in-town set ups during regular business hours. In general, please allow at least a four-hour window in the AM or PM for scheduling of our crews. This can also depend on the time of year and how many projects are taking place that day. We can estimate to some degree the timing of deliveries and pickups but it’s never exact due to traffic or weather conditions or sometimes a customer who changes their mind and wants the two 30′x30′ tents that were just installed moved 40 feet to the other side of the driveway (this has happened before).

We do have phones for our delivery personnel so we can usually keep you apprised of the situation or give you a ‘heads-up’ call that they are on the way. If you require a specifically timed delivery or pickup an extra fee may apply, please call the office in advance and we’ll see what we can do.


Lawns and New Sod
Grass sod usually takes at least a month before it really takes hold on your lawn. Anytime less than that, and should there be heavy rain, the grass strips will tend to separate and turn into a muddy disaster if people and tents start tromping around on it.

On a Patio or Deck
Yes, the 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ pop-ups work great for this and they’re quick and easy to setup. These are great for party guests to have an outside shelter for smoking, beverage service or whatever things you might need to cover on the outside during your party. Check the pricelist for rates.

Site Inspections
If the area that your event takes place in is a flat grass area without any obstructions within the desired tent area, a site inspection is probably not needed. Keep in mind that we require drive up access for our trucks and allow for a minimum ten to fifteen feet around the perimeter for guy-lines and general working area in order to install your tent properly.

If you use common sense, it’s usually pretty simple. If there are trees too close, sidewalks or other things that may be a problem please advise. We can also use the faxed report from ‘Call Before You Dig’ to alert us to any potential problems. Remember to look up for overhead obstructions, tree branches and mention any underground septic field or irrigation systems that we should know about since ‘Call Before You Dig’ will not mark those types of things because they are your responsibility.

Inspection of Out-of-town Locations
For out of town projects we will ask you for a site map (hand drawn is fine as long as it’s clear) which describes where on your property you want the tent installed. All we need is for the location to be clearly marked in relation to other structures on your property or land features that can be easily identified so our install crews know how to get on to your property and where to put everything if you aren’t home at the time. Placing pegs in the ground to indicate the four corners of the tent works well too and makes sure there is no mistaking where you want the tent placed.

If the site has large trees, man-made obstructions or other features that may interfere with the proper installation of the tent then we will evaluate out of town site visits on a case by case basis.

On-site Truck Access

Due to the size and weight of tents, most installations require our crews to drive right up to where they will be working. For large-scale commercial projects this usually isn’t a problem but does bear mentioning in case there are access restrictions. If materials need to be transported more than a minimal distance from the truck, and Black & White is not notified ahead of time before our crew arrives, company policy requires drivers to call our office for authorization. We try to be flexible but in the past, our trucks and work site have been up to 250 yards away from each other with 7,000 lbs of tent fabric and materials to be transported by hand.


Each municipality and regional district has different regulations so it will vary based on where the event is taking place. Customers are responsible for obtaining any and all permits that may be required.

Security & Damage

Fortunately we have had very few incidents over the years but here are some points to keep in mind while a tent is installed on your property:You are responsible for any damages caused by vandalism or unruly guests to any of the rental equipment. This is a very rare occurrence because most events are either in a secured local or have overnight security service. A little common sense is all that is needed usually to avoid any potential problems.

  1. You are responsible for any damages caused by vandalism or unruly guests to any of the rental equipment. This is a very rare occurrence because most events are either in a secured local or have overnight security service. A little common sense is all that is needed usually to avoid any potential problems.
  2. After considering the location of the tent, the type of function and the time it will be on site, we can suggest what will work best.


We have 10′x10′ and 10′x20′ for do-it-yourself pop-ups as indicated on our price guide. You can combine them if you need larger. 10′x10′ pop up tents can go into the back seat of your car as it’s overall length is just 5′-3″ folded down very similar to the size of a golf bag but taller.

Only our experienced and specially equipped tent crews can handle larger tents.

Some clients request that volunteers work with a Black & White supervisor but the feasibility of this secenario depends entirely on the scope of the event and the size of tents involved. Please be aware that over the years we’ve been in business, there have been problems with “volunteers” or “friends of friends” not showing up especially for tear down and packing up. If we can determine that you have access to qualified labour for your project then we can discuss options with you.


Winter setup is possible, however, higher than summer rates will apply due to the extra labour and cleaning that is needed to keep the inventory in top shape. As a rule of thumb, we charge an additional 50 % of the summer rate for anything setup from mid October to mid April due to the extreme weather that can be encountered during those times.

We can heat tents without any problem but there are a few extra things we have to do regarding winter rentals. The best thing to do is call our office with some specific details so that we can advise on anchoring and other considerations specific to the situation.